Discover the Moment of
Peace and Calmness


Discover the moment of peace and calmness

Kundalini Meditation

Silence for 1 min @ 11:11 am is an act of collective public prayer for Universal peace And the 1 Min Minute Mindfulness meditation Challenge is here to help.

Join fellow peace keepers around the world to refresh your body and mind in this Peace challenge.

When WE change, the whole world WILL change! Global Peace can be achieved only from Individual Peace.

11 days challenge, starting from November Wed, 9th to Sat, 19th

Record your practice at least 8 out of 11 days to earn an eco-friendly, pocket tote bag

Invite friends along with you to maximize and resonate peace waves for the world

Key Dates

Nov 9th to 19th, 11:11 Peace minute challenge is in progress. Registration is open now.

Starting on Nov 9th:

Choose a quiet place at your home or workplace for practice. Sit in your comfortable posture.

Login to the challenge dashboard and click “Start to Meditate” button

The embedded video will start playing guiding you to observe silence for global peace. You may also consider practicing Samaseer pranayama “Equalizing breath” (Inhale – 3 counts, hold the breath – 3 counts, exhale – 3 counts and silence – 3 counts) to calm your mind from other thoughts.

Your progress gets recorded in the dashboard

Repeat the same for at least 8 out of 11 days and earn an eco-friendly collapsible folding tote bag

11:11 Peace Minute Challenge

A large number of people vibrating a single thought everyday at 11:11am will bring that thought into action because of the power of collective thought. By this process the waves of peace vibration will cover the entire country and thereby will enter all the nations around the world. By observing one minute’s silence, every individual is in peace, extending the same to his/her family, society, community, nation and ultimately the entire world and even the entire universe.