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Universal Peace Foundation NA California (UPFCal) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for Holistic Yoga and Meditation that has been operating in California since 2011.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which every individual awakens to the profound power within, embarking on a journey of self-transformation that radiates outward, enriching their families, communities, and ultimately fosters a global culture of peace and understanding. 

Our Mission

To foster individual transformation as a pathway to a more peaceful world. We are committed to facilitating the self-realization of at least 1% of the world's population through the practice of holistic Yoga and meditation. By transcending religious boundaries, we aim to help people rediscover inner peace and cultivate harmony, starting with the foundational principles of Yoga and Meditation. 

Holistic Wellness Programs for Individuals and Families

We offer a diverse range of tools and methods to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being for individuals and families through various workshops and programs. Our weekly meditation sessions provide an opportunity for participants to explore and deepen their experience of inner peace.

Our offerings cater to individuals of all ages, starting from conception, with programs such as Pregnancy Yoga, Kids’ yoga (ages 5-10), Yoga Dharana (ages 10-14), Vitality Yoga & Wellness workshop for adults, and advanced Kundalini meditation workshops to deepen the spiritual practice.

UPFNA California
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UPFCal Volunteer TEAM

Arthisre Siddheswaran

Kundalini Yoga Wisdom teacher 

Arthisre began her yoga journey when she first met Gurumahan at the age of 19. The discovery of yoga has been a life-changing gift. She completed a degree in engineering alongside Clinical Yoga & Nature Cure, Prenatal and Childcare Development, and a Master’s in Yoga.

Arthisre started teaching when she realized the positive effects her practice had on her body, mind, and soul. In 2011, she was recognized as a Wisdom Teacher by Gurumahan, and since then, she has initiated hundreds of people into the Kundalini path. Her passion for yoga and her service to the community continue.

meditation teacher trainings
meditation teacher trainings

Parthiban Radhakrishnan

Kundalini Yoga Wisdom teacher 

Parthiban was first introduced to Kundalini Meditation during his college days. His passion for yoga and his search for higher yogic knowledge led him to connect with his Guru in 2009.

He attended numerous workshops with Gurumahan and senior wisdom teachers from the Universal Peace Foundation to deepen his understanding of yogic philosophy and practice. He graduated as a Kundalini Yoga Wisdom teacher and has been serving the community by teaching ever since.

Juergen Hofler

Yoga Instructor

Juergen has been studying meditation and yoga since his teenage years, and since 2013, he has been focused on Kundalini Yoga as a transformative practice. He has attended advanced meditation courses in India and the US, and has completed a 200-hour Yoga certification. Juergen is passionate about sharing the benefits of Kundalini Yoga with as many people as possible to help them improve their lives.

In addition to his spiritual pursuits, Juergen is also a scientist and engineer by training, holding a PhD in Material Science. He has worked in both academia and industry throughout his professional life.

meditation teacher trainings