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Universal Peace Foundation of Californiais a volunteer run non-profit organization. Your contributions to UPFNA-CA can help us reach out to more people offering educational programs to help create a joyful and sustainable environment.

Your donations to the general fund of Universal Peace Foundation India support a variety of activities to enhance the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of all needy people. The Foundation runs a daily meal program for the elderly and other people in need, offers free yoga and meditation programs at correction centers across tamil nadu, conducts free yoga and medical camps in nearby villages, teaches yoga for kids in libraries and schools and offers disaster relief assistance.

UPFNA-CA is a tax-exempt organization under section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, tax identification number EIN 20-3066 911.

Your personal data are required to process the donation on this website and for other tax purposes, it will not be disclosed to third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Please read our privacy policy.

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