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Health & Wellness Vitality Yoga Courses provide an exciting opportunity to explore the connection between bio-vital energy and overall well-being. These courses teach a simple 3-minute practice that detoxifies, de-stresses, and rejuvenates your body while deepening the mind-body connection. By following this routine, you will feel refreshed and energized, ready to start your day with clarity and vitality.

 We focus on addressing common health concerns, including stress, mental health, hormonal imbalance, weight loss and diabetes. Through these best adult yoga sessions in San Jose, you can experience the body-mind-soul connection with niche yogic practices. You will also acquire self-practice tools to boost your energy levels. Each series will specifically target a health concern and provide tailored techniques to enhance your well-being.

Join our transformative series led by highly experienced yoga teachers from the prestigious Universal Peace Foundation California. Discover the power within you to realize your full potential while attaining optimal health and wellness. Experience Yoga and Meditation for Grown-ups in San Jose.

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Vitality Yoga for Stress Management

Unwind, Renew, and Relax. 

Donation: $50

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Vitality Yoga for Women’s Health & Weight Management

Manage Hormones, PCOS, PCOD, Infertility and Menopause.

Donation: $50

Energizing Yoga Flow for Holistic Health

Revitalize, Strengthen, Thrive for general wellness

Donation: $50

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Chakra Yoga Meditation

 Retune, Align and Balance

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Learn to Meditate

 Discover Inner Peace and Clarity

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Vitality Yoga for Weight Management

 Shape Your Wellness with a Balanced and Sustainable Journey

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Vitality Yoga for Diabetes Management

 Revitalize pancreatic operations

Vitality Yoga for Back and Neck Pain Management

 Energize and Strengthen the spinal system

Vitality Adult Yoga for Stress Management

Yoga can be a helpful tool for managing stress due to its ability to release accumulated stress and promote relaxation. Practicing yoga can be a helpful addition to a stress management plan that includes other stress reduction techniques, such as regular exercise, adequate sleep, and a healthy diet.

Why choose this program?

Vitality Adult Yoga for Women’s Health Weight Management

Vitality Yoga For Hormonal Imbalance Yoga has the potential to address hormonal imbalances in the body. Good to reduce women’s health issues such as mood swings, weight gain, fatigue, and sleep disorders. These online yoga classes in San Francisco are a great chance for individuals where they can find balance and alleviate these concerns.

Obesity Yoga Workshops for Grown-ups

Choosing weight loss management as a goal can have several benefits for your health and well-being through yoga classes in San Francisco. Carrying excess weight can increase the risk of several health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Losing weight can reduce these risks and improve overall health, leading to a better quality of life.

Why choose this adult yoga classes in San Jose?

Energizing Yoga Flow for Holistic Health

Energizing Yoga is a blend of stretches powered by breath focused to increase flexibility, boost immunity, energize the entire body as well as cleanse the energy centers, with deep relaxation to calm your mind. Our certified wisdom teachers will interact with you LIVE as they guide you through the session. The participants prepare their body with Energizing yoga sequences to receive Jeeva Raksha, the most powerful yogic technique as they progress in the Kundalini path. Participants will get to know more about Jeeva Raksha and several benefits it offers when practiced regularly. Now more than ever it’s important to learn these powerful breath and meditation techniques to support you relieve stress, ease anxiety and stay peaceful during tough times. We invite people of all faiths, orientations and traditions into our classes.

What you’ll discover at "Energizing Yoga’

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Increases Bioenergy


Balances body metabolism

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Boost Immunity

Overall, it is the best online adult yoga series for healthy living. The Vitality Yoga & Wellness Series offers an excellent opportunity for individuals to take charge of their health and well-being. Participants will gain valuable insights into the mind-body connection and practical techniques through guided meditation for inner strength. We promote overall wellness by increasing bio-vital energy and addressing common health concerns. Whether you have a health problem or just want to stay healthy, this series has something for you.



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Vasudha Home Maker - San Diego, CA

I'm a new mom with twins who are 10 months old. I'm often tired and stressed taking care of two kids all day. After attending Jeeva Raksha, I feel energized and my stress levels have dropped drastically. I'm happy to have found a solution to manage physical and mental stress.

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Engineer - Newark, CA

I've been observing a lot of change with respect to sleep, energy levels, skin texture, and complexion. I have more energy during my yoga classes. My under eye dark circles have lightened, my tummy fat has reduced, and my recurring migraines have vanished.

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Shanti Shree Dentist - Newark, CA

I feel energetic through out the day, even when I don't sleep much the prior night. My back pain, caused by a slip disk has magically reduced after regular practice of Jeeva Raksha

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Seema Gurung Seema Gurung

My mom noticed that I've stopped snoring completely! I give Jeeva Raksha all the credit in me helping me with this.

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