Crown Chakra Activation Yoga workshop is designed to help release energy blocks in the chakras

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Crown Chakra Activation workshop is designed to help release energy blocks in the chakras

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The Crown Chakra Activation Workshop is a transformative journey designed to release accumulated stress and cultivate inner happiness. It is the third module of the beginner friendly Inner Awakening meditation program.

Event Dates

Skill level: Beginners

Group Size

Workshop Details

Led by an experienced wisdom and meditation teacher

Learn ancient Indian yogic wisdom and practices to activate, energize, and balance the crown chakra

Guided meditation and pranic cycling techniques will be used to tune-in and meditate at the crown chakra

Benefits of Crown Chakra Activation

By participating in the workshop, you will embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. You will gain knowledge, tools, and experiences to unlock the potential of your crown chakra, tap into higher energy, find inner peace, and live a purposeful and clear life.

Skill Level : Beginners

Age : 16+


Donation: $75

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The workshop will be led by experienced yoga teachers from the Universal Peace Foundation of California.

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Arthisre Siddheswaran

Kundalini Yoga Wisdom teacher 

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Parthiban Radhakrishnan

Kundalini Yoga Wisdom teacher