Energizing Yoga Flow

Energizing Yoga is a blend of stretches powered by breath focused to increase flexibility, boost immunity, energize the entire body as well as cleanse the energy centers, with deep relaxation to calm your mind. Our certified wisdom teachers will interact with you LIVE as they guide you through the session. The participants prepare their body with Energizing yoga sequences to receive Jeeva Raksha, the most powerful yogic technique as they progress in the Kundalini path. Participants will get to know more about Jeeva Raksha and several benefits it offers when practiced regularly. Now more than ever it’s important to learn these powerful breath and meditation techniques to support you relieve stress, ease anxiety and stay peaceful during tough times. We invite people of all faiths, orientations and traditions into our classes.

What you’ll discover at "Energizing Yoga’

Total body stretches powered with breath to increase flexibility

Energizing breathing techniques to calm the mind

Relax deeply to slow down and become more balanced

Explore and learn more about Kundalini yoga and chakras

An introduction to the Jeeva Raksha yogic technique