Gusa Therapy

Gusa Therapy

Calm your mind and
discover yourself with
Kundalini yoga

Guasa is an ancient alternative natural therapy that helps to release the knots and blocks in the feet to stimulate circulation, releases tension, boost energy and promotes healing. Guasa therapy is very effective to improve the blood circulation thereby energizing the internal organs to cure headaches, migraines, neck and back pain, respiratory problems, digestive disorders, and stress-related symptoms. The therapist applies a lubricant (oil or lotion) and uses massage tools or his fingers to release the negative negative energy and increases the prana/ energy circulation to the sore internal organs.

As an experienced therapist works on your feet, he can diagnose the energy deficiency in the body parts/organs and release blockages. Depending on the nature of the health condition, you will be able to feel improvements within few sessions.

The therapy is performed 1.5 hours after a meal and each session lasts for 45 minutes. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a pair of socks.

Gusa Therapy - (Private session)


45 minutes