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Learn to Meditate

Inhale the Future, Exhale the past with Meditation

Learn to Meditate class is a blend of stretches, asanas, pranayama, concentration/meditation, and deep relaxation to support and strengthen your body, mind, and soul. The participants would chant syllables such as A, U, M, and AUM for relaxation and soothing vibrations. AUM is a simple syllable that helps in calming the mind. These mantras are positive affirmations of peace that wish health, happiness, and harmony for the individual, society, and the universe as a whole.

Our goal is to bring the practice of yoga and meditation to people of different walks of life and teach them tools to become happier individuals leading to a happier and more compassionate society.

We invite people of all faiths, orientations, and traditions into our classes.

Morning Meditation in California


Postures for physical and mental well-being

Morning Meditation

Yoga Nidhra

Relaxation for relieving stress

Morning Meditation in California


Breathing techniques for mind control

Morning Meditation

Dhyana /Kundalini

Meditation for higher bliss and peace

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Concentration techniques for better focus

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General Instructions

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Bring a yoga mat or blanket
  • Take foot wear off outside of the class
  • Arrive 5 minutes early
  • Turn your cell phones off. Take care not to disturb the class.
  • Yoga is preferably done with empty stomach. A light snack is okay if needed.
  • Let the instructor know if you cannot perform any specific practice due to health conditions
  • Stop holding a pose and come to any relaxation pose if you experience any pain / giddiness.
  • Have normal breathing all through. Breathe through the nose. Don’t hold your breath unless explicitly instructed to do so.
  • People with back pain and hypertension should minimize their forward bending and any extreme poses.
  • Women should avoid inverting poses or strenuous poses during their menstrual cycle.