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Feel Rejuvenated and energized

Meditation takes us on a personal, inward journey that can enrich and balance our lives. Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced meditator, meditation retreats are a great way to learn new techniques or strengthen/deepen your practice. It can also connect us with a larger meditative community that provides a group feel to an otherwise solitary activity and share best practices to incorporate into our everyday life. Having direct access to experienced teachers allows one to address burning meditation questions and explore new dimensions of our practices in a safe and supportive environment. A retreat will take you away from the busy corporate and technology-intensive life and bring you closer to nature to connect to your higher consciousness.

The 10-day retreat will take place at the Universal Peace Foundation Center nested at the foot of the Thirumoorthy hills. The entire campus is a spiritual space for people to come and immerse themselves in meditation and yoga. The tranquility and modesty of the center offer opportunities for maximum rejuvenation and healing. In essence, the retreat will help you revitalize and re-ignite your passion for living.

The retreat will include daily classical yoga and meditation practices, freshly prepared yogic meals, Inner Awakening initiation, as well as a customized meditation course. Activities include:

  • Whole body detox
  • Inner Awakening initiation— an ancient powerful yogic practice that brings balance and exuberance to body, mind, and emotions
  • Classical yoga practices
  • Daily morning meditation
  • A three-day immersive journey into meditation techniques designed by Guru Mahan and taught by an experienced wisdom teacher— a deep dive into pranayama, advanced meditation, and yoga nidra
  • One vegetarian cooking class
  • Day hike excursion to make you whole with nature

We are targeting a maximum group size of 15 adults.
The dates are Feb 19th (arrival Wednesday) – 28th (departure Friday) 2020. There are no prerequisites regarding the level of experience for participants.

Day 1 Arrive and Rest (shuttle from Coimbatore to UPF)
Day 2 Detox and whole body cleansing
Day 3 Detox and whole body cleansing
Day 4 Maha Shakti Yogam Meditation Course
Day 5 Maha Shakti Yogam Meditation Course
Day 6 Maha Shakti Yogam Meditation Course
Day 7 Self Energizing and healing techniques
Day 8 Hike/excursion outing
Day 9 Power of Silence (Inner Exploration)
Day 10 Travel to Coimbatore, (group shuttle from UPF to Coimbatore)

Participants will enjoy one customized naturopathy clinic consultation. Naturopathic doctors combine dietary and lifestyle suggestions with bodywork treatments and hydrotherapy.

Details of the schedule may change depending on scheduling needs.
Cost inclusive lodging and classes*Before Jan 8thAfter Jan 8th
Full-time student/Senior Citizen$700$700
**Transportation Coimbatore/UPF~ $100 (roundtrip)~ $100 (roundtrip)
Air-travel: plan to arrive at Coimbatore airport by Feb 19th, 2020.

*Lodging is based on shared accommodation (three people per room) with a private bathroom. All meals are vegetarian.

**Transport to UPF Center will be arranged from Coimbatore airport. The group will depart together from UPF to Coimbatore airport on day 10th.

If interested in sightseeing, plan to arrive earlier (or leave late) from origin country to India to enjoy a glimpse of the Southern Indian culture. There are daily connections from Coimbatore International Airport to various cities in India. Here are resources for things to do!

All the courses and wellness programs will be taught in English. The meditation courses will be facilitated by Sathya Krishnan, a highly qualified and experienced yogi who has been immersed in spiritual practice for 30 years and has been teaching resident programs for over 20 years.

yoga and meditation retreat

The classes will be taught in a group setting with close personal attention to each participant’s needs. Sathya’s experiential approach of training and guidance will give participants a chance to go deeper into themselves and offer growth opportunities for all whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced meditator.

Instructor biography Sathya Krishan holds Masters Degrees in Zoology, Education and Yoga. She is about to complete a 4.5-year training in Naturopathy with specialization in Dorn Therapy, Foot Reflexology, and Pranic Healing. She served as Principal for the Shri Paranjyothi Matriculation School for seven years. She has led spiritual retreat camps in the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Gulf countries, and Stress Reduction programs at government agencies, corporations, schools and prisons across India.

Sathya currently conducts advanced in-residence classes at UPF including the signature courses Maha Sakthi Yogam, Personality Development and Brain Training/Memory Camps for kids and teens.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need advanced booking for the retreat?

The booking will be confirmed upon completing registration on our website and submitting payment.

Cancellation policy

There will be a $50 processing fee for all refunded transactions; a donation receipt for any non-refunded amount can be issued.
Since our group sizes are limited, when we hold your spot/reservations we turn away others from the opportunity to participate in this retreat. Cancellations more than 45 days prior to the start of the retreat will be refunded at 100% minus processing fee.
Cancellation 30 days before the start of the retreat will be refunded at 50% minus processing fee. Cancellation afterwards will receive no refunds.

Is this trip only for advanced yoga practitioners?

No – this trip is for anyone who has an interest in inner exploration and looking to re-connect with the joy of living. All levels of experience with yoga are welcome.

When should I arrive/depart?

Arrive: any time during the first day of the retreat (Wednesday Feb 18), we can help you arrange an extra night’s stay if you wish to arrive on Tuesday 17th. Depart: The retreat ends on Friday Feb 28th. We will organize cars for you from UPF to Coimbatore in the morning.

What’s the ratio of group time to alone time?

The days will be fairly full, with workshops and meditations scheduled on most days. But many of these activities will include an ‘inner’ component and time to meditate and reflect, and it’s always possible to stay back and rest as needed.

Do I need my own Yoga mat?

A yoga mat is your personal asset, you can bring your own yoga mat/blanket or you may buy one locally.

What are the accommodations like?

The campus is 20-acres, within its grounds are the Shri Paranjothi Yoga College, a Nursery & Primary School and the Gnanapeedam.
The retreat will take place in the Gnanpeedam (Wisdom Center), there are two yoga and meditation halls, kitchen and dining hall, a small office/gift shop/library, a naturopathy clinic, and the Pranavalayam (holy pyramid) – a consecrated meditation hall. Several residential buildings accommodate staff and visitors, these are basic but comfortable with western style beds and private bathroom (toilet and shower). Laundry service is extra and available 2x/week, excluding undergarments, which you will need to wash by hand. There is a rooftop meditation space overlooking the campus.

Will there be access to clean water?

While it’s important not to drink tap water, the drinking water at UPF is filtered.

What’s the appropriate dress code in the Gnanapeedam?

Always wear white. White represents calmness, integrates all colors and shows the “Light within”. Women should have covered shoulders; men should wear shirts at all times.
We recommend you bring a pair of flip-flops / open sandals and a pair of covered shoes for longer walks and cooler evenings.

Do you need a visa to enter India?

You will need a valid visa to enter India. Two ways to visit India, with a multiple entry Visa that will be good for 10 years or with an e-Visa that is only good for 30 days. There are lots of website that will try to sell you e-visa services – do not use them. Use only this Government of India website for e-Visas or contact your local Indian consulate, follow the instructions in the application form usually available to download online and send it in along with the required fee. This can take up to 10 days. When stating your purpose on your visa form, it is best to say tourism. Here is a helpful website that gives detailed contact information for Indian Embassies throughout the world:

Can I arrange my own transportation?Airfare is not included in the cost, we will help you arrange transportation from Coimbatore to UPF (at additional cost ~$100 round-trip), either via individual taxi or via a private van or bus if the timing works for a large group.


What is the weather like?

During February, the days average in the upper 80s and into the low 90s, and the nights can get down into the lower 60s. Rain is very rare in February. The equatorial sun is quite hot, so the difference between the sun and shade can be significant.

Do I need special vaccinations?

Consult with your GP or a travel health clinic 4 to 8 weeks before your departure to India. Recommended vaccinations often include hepatitis A, typhoid, tetanus and polio. Tamil Nadu is not high-risk area for malaria and the tablets can be considered controversial, we recommend that you do your own research prior to making a decision about the malaria pills.


Electrical adapters: Tamil Nadu operates on 220V. There are power points in every room to charge your phones/laptops etc.


We advise you exchange some money to rupees on your arrival for personal use (shopping, etc), which you can purchase at your airport of departure. However, rupees are not to be taken out of India on your return.

What else to bring?

Personal hygiene items and toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste).
Flashlight: we recommend you to carry some torch or flashlight with you. In case you don’t have one please ask we can provide one during your stay.
Earplugs: you will have shared accommodations, if you are sensitive sleep noise, it is always recommended.
Mosquito repellent: bring your own or buy a local brand called Odomos available widely.

Please contact us for additional information and to reserve your spot:


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