Private Sessions With GuruMahan


Private Sessions With GuruMahan

1:1 with GuruMahan

1:1 session with GuruMahan provides a dedicated space for individuals to have a personal, exclusive, and focused interaction, enabling one to seek guidance to navigate life’s challenges/ questions from a spiritual perspective and receive profound wisdom for transformation. 


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Home Visit & Blessings

Experience the extraordinary opportunity of inviting Guru Mahan, an enlightened spiritual master, to create a sacred space in your home or business, attracting divine vibrations of higher wisdom, peace, wealth, and prosperity.
During this unique visit, Guru Mahan will grace your home or business with their divine presence, conducting Universal blessings (Sarva Sakthi Maha Yagnam) followed by a meditation session to energize the premises and bless the members of your family or organization.
Guru Mahan’s presence will create a sanctified atmosphere, attracting serenity, prosperity, and spiritual growth to your home or business. The Universal blessings performed during the visit will help harmonize the energy of your surroundings and invite the blessings of higher forces for the well-being and prosperity of all.