Yoga Awakening The Inner Body: Is It Beneficial?

Yoga, Awakening The Inner Body, is the practice of promoting self health and well-being. At first, I was skeptical about yoga and had doubts. Doubts like, how can a simple thing like that help me? It was only later, when I started doing some research that I realized, it’s not that simple. The reason behind my research was how an ancient practice could still be popular if it didn’t have any benefits. In the beginning, I only found three benefits: Increased Health, Greater Abundance, and Deepening trust.
Then again, I asked myself, are these three benefits enough to keep a 5000 years old practice alive? And not just alive, thriving. Then, I dived deep into the topic and realized that these three benefits mean much more than their literal meanings. And here I am today, preaching what I was skeptical about.
If you are new to this journey, let me tell you, it requires a lot of patience. It is not like going to the gym, where you can measure your progress by the weights you lift or by the time you spend on the treadmill. Still, you have to be consistent, even if you don’t see any progress. Because, in the end, the goal is to awaken the inner body. And the journey that you take to achieve that is a spiritual one, not a physical one. So, it is only right that you feel the change, not see it. Enough with all the general introductions. Now, let me take you through the deeper meanings of the benefits I mentioned earlier.

Benefits Of Yoga Awakening The Inner Body

The three benefits that I mentioned earlier were

● Increased Health
● Greater Abundance
● Deepening Trust

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1- Increased Health

Before knowing the importance of the inner body awakening, I would always feel ill whenever the season changed. Now, I’m much healthier. I don’t get or feel ill with the shift in season. I can now even feel the occasional cold creeping in. And when I do, the most I do is take an over the counter remedy for it. Remedy like a hot honey lemon drink with aspirin.

Now let me tell you what I meant by deeper meaning. When I say Increased Health, I’m not only talking about physical health. Yoga can help you increase and maintain your emotional and mental health as well. This is possible because you’re in tune with your inner body, the Inner Goddess, your warrior spirit.

Let me tell you a secret: your immune system will strengthen as you bring more consciousness into the body.

2- Greater Abundance

I’ve felt a greater abundance in every field of my life ever since I began my awakening journey. The reason behind it is that this journey elevates you from the worries of this world. It puts you in an Avatar like state. The state when you can talk to your inner body and it talks back to you. In that moment, you are still, and the universe flows through you. This helps you tap into your full potential and achieve anything you want.

You can also say you are in tune with your Inner Goddess in this state. And the Inner Goddess draws her energy from the divine feminine energy we all carry. Yes, that’s right, we all carry a divine feminine energy, even males. And it’s the same for divine masculine energy. The divine feminine is our wild side, our warrior spirit. It gives us the power to manifest. The divine masculine energy is what forces us to get up and get things done.

3- Deepening Trust

Practice makes perfect; the same is true for awakening the inner body. When you have reached a certain point in your journey, you will start trusting your body. You will hear the voice from within and agree with it. That voice will be the voice of your Inner Goddess. And as the trust deepens between you and your inner body, you will have a superpower. The superpower of intuition, because when you have an intuition, it comes from within a deep place you have not yet discovered, and that’s why you disregard it.

But now, you’ll have awakened your inner body: that is your Inner Goddess. This is the part I was most skeptical about, and it’s okay if you are, too. You might be wondering how I can trust an intuitive thought when, in reality, that seems impossible to happen. You think that because you have only started your journey, and these thoughts come from your pre-conceived notion of reality. Once you are fully committed to the journey, you will realize that you have to forget what you’ve learned through your worldly experiences; only then is it possible to burst through the worldly limits and transcend. Transcend to a new level in your awakening journey.

The Role Of Meditation In Awakening The Inner Body

Meditation plays a crucial role in awakening the inner body. You need Yoga to listen to your Y-E-S. Y-E-S stands for your energy system. And as I already told you before, we all carry two energies within us. This time, I’m talking about the Divine Feminine energy that helps in awakening the inner body.

Here are a few tips that helped me.

● Practice before getting out of bed.
● Practice when going to bed.
● Practice during the day if you need a boost.

What to practice? I’m talking about the Yoga Nidra, which is a type of Yoga Awakening The Inner Body technique. It will allow you to be still and let the wisdom coming from the inner self flow through you. At first, you might need guidance, but with enough practice, you can start doing it by yourself.

Summing Up

Let me sum up all that I said about Yoga Awakening The Inner Body. I was skeptical about yoga in the beginning. Then I asked myself, how can a 5000 year old technique still be alive and thriving? So, I started doing some research. During my research, I found that there are three basic benefits to yoga, which are Increased Health, Greater Abundance, and Deepened Trust. But there is more to them than their literal meanings. And you need Yoga to truly understand what that is.

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